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About Me

About Twelve years ago I was where you are now

I was working a full-time job as a fabricator and product designer and also worked part time on weekends. Life was easier back then. Everything was cheaper. But still I had to work 7 days a week, barely covering my expenses.  Then recession hit on 2010 and everything went down. I lost my jobs and lived on credits for the next couple of years. It was though, but I learned so many things. Spending my days and nights in front of computer opened doors to a totally new world to me.

I tried so many things and learned a lot. From buying and selling domains to building websites. It was not like digging a gold mine, but I could keep myself on the surface. Over the few years I slowly transformed my expertise from website maintenance to the online marketing world. 

Today, when I look back to all I have done, I find these as the most valuable lessons I have learned:

Each failure (Regardless of the cost) was a great success. Because it showed me the wrong path I should avoid in future.
 Consistency and perseverance are the key. No matter how many times you fail you should keep going.
 You should provide value to people first. Then your success grows organically. 
 The right source of information saves you tons of money (And many years of your life). 
 When you have the vision and find the right path, do not hesitate. Just go for it.

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